Divesting From The Trump Deportation Machine

#DeportICE is a coalition of advocacy groups striving to make sanctuary protections real in cities and counties across California.

We are doing this by championing a municipal ordinance declaring California’s sanctuary cities will not do business with companies that provide data to identify, profile, or target undocumented California residents for ICE.

We also ask universities, media outlets, law firms and other large institutions in sanctuary cities to boycott ICE data broker Thomson Reuters and all of their products.

On this website, you will find a municipal contracting ordinance for sanctuary cities to stop subsidizing the ICE deportation machine, and a boycott  form and petition for institutions and individuals in sanctuary cities to cease doing business with ICE data broker Thomson Reuters.

In the history section, we present some scholarly commentary from other times in recent history when technological tracking and profiling of individuals led to detention, imprisonment, torture and extermination.

#DeportICE welcomes fellow advocacy groups to join the coalition and welcomes submissions of information regarding additional data brokers for ICE. We have a Signal Tip Line set up for anonymous contributions.

Share your thoughts on our #DeportICE hashtag twitter feed. Join the conversation.