Lawyers, legal researchers, paralegals, law schools and law students all rely on Westlaw for a comprehensive collection of legal resources, including cases, statute, citation guides, administrative code, arbitration materials, dockets and regulatory code.

The product line from Thomson Reuters, available in a variety of price points and scope, feeds the legal system, including  the immigration support system which heavily relies on the legal system to aid those caught in the deportation net.

Thomson Reuters’ leadership position in legal research support is an example of how multinational corporations suck profit out of all ends of the system and from proposing “solutions” to the disasters they help to create.

By feeding CLEAR information into the Trump deportation machine at a hefty price, and then collecting again from the pro bono and public interest attorneys and legal clinics and law schools trying to defend immigrant communities, Thomson Reuters cynically manipulates the immigration system.

It is time for the public interest legal community to put a stop to this. However helpful the resource, feeding funds directly into the efficacy of the deportation machine is working at cross-purposes.



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