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The Sanctuary City Contracting and Investment Ordinance was developed by a 20-organization coalition working under the name #DeportICE. The coalition’s work focuses on strengthening immigrant protections in municipalities by eliminating loopholes and assisting local governments with sanctuary policies from indirectly subsidizing or cooperating with the Trump Administration’s aggressive civil immigration enforcement ramp-up.

The coalition’s work is based on the belief that the combination of Big Data and the xenophobic dog-whistles of the Trump Administration is potentially leading the United States into a hi-tech echo of the conditions that led to the domestic detention of Japanese-Americans and the concentration camps of fascist Germany which ended in the mass murder of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and resistance dissenters in Europe in the 1940’s.

“When it comes to private business practices, the Constitution isn’t always helpful. Much like existing anti-nuclear weapon or border wall contractor prohibition ordinances here in the Bay Area, this Sanctuary City Contracting ordinance provides local elected officials with a tool to disincentivize or change private behavior. If these vendors want our taxpayer dollars, they need to align with our values.” Brian Hofer – Oakland Privacy; Chair – City of Oakland Privacy Advisory Commission