The Boycott


Thomson-Reuters  is an information solutions multinational corporation headquartered in Canada with annual revenues of 11 billion dollars.  Its interests range from Checkpoint and OneSource accounting software, to Westlaw, People Map and Sweet Maxwell legal reference services, Eikon and Lipper financial management resources,  Proview E-Book Readers and the Reuters news bureau and breaking news wire service.

For more on why ICE’s data broker acting as a news source is problematic for news outlets that serve sanctuary cities, see this article on Sanctuary Journalism. 

Thomson Reuters also produces and sells the CLEAR database (Consolidated Lead Evaluation and Reporting). Thomson Reuters has a contract with ICE to provide access to the CLEAR database and interface with Palantir Technologies’ FALCON system.

This huge corporation is the IBM of the 21st century, feeding vast amounts of data into an automated human tracking system and building out the deportation machine of today and the concentration camps of tomorrow.

Divesting from human misery is how we exercise accountability. Nobody divested from IBM before the European Jews were massacred with the help of Hollerith punch cards. Nobody divested from the US government before th 1940 census data was used to imprison Japanese Citizens due to their ethnicity.

But we can divest now and tell Thomson Reuters it will not happen again.

We are in the process of developing a comprehensive list of all Thomson Reuters product and service lines. Click below to participate in the boycott.